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The New Ebook "The Secrets of Comedy - Meet Your Playful Self"

It's a game. It's a book. It's Improvisational Comedy. It's fun!

Within the pages of "The Secrets of Comedy - Meet Your Playful Self: will will find a step-by-step map for you, your family, and friends to awaken your playful nature from the teacher who first introduced Chris Farley to Improvisation.
This book represents 30 years of research to give you 47 steps to become a more playful and funny person

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We all like to laugh. We all like to be funny and enjoy the funny in other people. We all have heard quotes and read accounts of the value of laughter as one of the most healing energies of human existence resulting in longer life, higher self-esteem, and success in business.
So, what is funny? Let’s take a peek at what happens when we find funny. Since all of the exercises have been developed in the course of training people to perform in the theatre as actors or improvisers, the techniques of improvisers prove to be a likely place to look for funny.

You've met your playful self many times. You and your playful self may have embraced each other from time to time and experienced moments of spontaneous playfulness. Most likely, the meetings came by chance and in fits and starts. You have never been formally introduced to your playful self and have no idea how to connect to arrange a future meeting.

This site is about making the formal introduction of you and your playful self. You will discover the means to establish and sustain the fun part of yourself; the part that is most intuitive, spontaneous, light, and just plain fun.

Everyone can discover new paths to playfulness through this site. So, come on along to locate, develop, and create the intuitive and playful side of yourself.

Improvisational comedy

The skills for Meeting Your Playful Self were discovered through working with performers of improvisational comedy.

This site is designed to guide you into shaping the possibilities in your life into skills allowing you to listen fully, and feel more present with your co-workers, family and friends. What you are about to discover are the specific skills which have allowed hundreds of others to become stage worthy, but more important, in the process of becoming stage worthy they have become more present and accepting of the people, places, and things of their day-to-day lives. Yes..and (this is a bit of an IN joke you will know later) you will begin to feel more playful in your life and to take yourself less seriously. You will find it easier to laugh and smile and joke.



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The Playful quiz

You can take a "fun" little test to see how playful you are in facing the stresses of your life. The quiz is not the least bit scientific, but it may serve to give you a feeling for what "meeting your playuful self" is all about.

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